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Saturday 13th May 2017 (talks start at 9:30am)
Ara Institute of Canterbury (formerly CPIT)
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Vishesh Oberoi


Vishesh Oberoi is a Technical Evangelist in the Developer Experience team at Microsoft based out of Auckland, New Zealand. Vishesh is currently focused on driving early adoption of Microsoft’s emerging technologies by building solutions directly with Software Startups, Independent Software Vendors and Large Corporates across New Zealand. He currently leads Microsoft NZ's efforts around Xamarin, Chatbots, Cognitive Services and Internet of Things.

When not sharing his passion for hackfests and presenting at events and conferences, you will find him empowering the next generation of developers through our Microsoft Student Accelerator program.

Coding a Conversation: Deep dive into building Bots with the Microsoft Bot Framework and Cognitive Services

10:00AM - 10:55AM | Software Development Stream (stream 1)

While the top apps on your App Store are mostly messaging apps, and conversational canvases are becoming more ubiquitous, there is a certain hype around building bots. And at Microsoft, we have first-hand experience writing bots and building artificial intelligence systems, so we’ve shared our services and tools so you can use them to add conversations to your own products. In this session, we will take a deep dive into Microsoft’s Conversations as a Platform and look in Microsoft Bot Framework, Cognitive Services and other Azure services to graduate your app from small talk into truly insightful conversations.

Seth Reid


Seth Reid is a developer from Christchurch working for Intergen's Seattle branch building various demos and event software for Microsoft. With a focus primarily on JavaScript and web technologies Seth is an active speaker and blogger ( www.sethreid.co.nz) as well as being an organiser of the Azure Evenings Meetup in Christchurch.

React Native

10:00AM - 10:55AM | Software Development (stream 2)

React Native is a next generation JavaScript mobile development framework allowing you build native apps in JavaScript. Seth's talk, originally given at nz.js(con) earlier this year will give you an introduction into the basic concepts, why you would use it, some details on how it works under the hood and then dive into the code for a full working react native app.

Martin Catherall


Martin is a Senior SQL consultant at SQL Down Under in Melbourne Australia, a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and PASS Regional Mentor for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Martin founded the Christchurch New Zealand PASS chapter and lead the group for a number of years before relocating to Melbourne.

He has been using SQL Server in various roles since 2000. In addition to anything data related he enjoys playing the guitar and having fun with his family.

Asynchronous messaging with SQL Server Service Broker

10:00AM - 10:55AM | SQL Server / Business Intelligence

Service Broker provides scalable asynchronous message processing that can prove extremely useful to data professionals. However, Service Broker is possibly one of the least used components of SQL Server.

This session will aim to demystify Service Broker and introduce people to some of its major benefits. We’ll build a full application which will demonstrate just how easy it is to get up and running with this technology.

This session is aimed at people with little to no Service Broker knowledge. You should leave this session with enough knowledge to then take your Service Broker skills to the next level.

Regan Murphy


Regan works with the Developer Evangelism (DX) team at Microsoft. Based in Auckland, but servicing the country, the DX team helps customers and partners who are building solutions on the Microsoft technology stack. Regan has expertise in cloud and hybrid infrastructure and big data solutions. Like the rest of my team I love technology, gadgets, and the promise of new things to come - including #mixedreality. I like beer, craft beer. I also enjoy wine. To offset the beer and wine, I run. Running is also a nice way to sightsee when travelling.

Azure Infrastructure 101 – Virtual Machines, Networks, and High Availability

10:00AM - 10:55AM | Windows, Azure & SharePoint

In this session Regan will walk you through the basics of deploying infrastructure services into Microsoft Azure. There will be a look at virtual machines – both Windows and Linux. Also a look at storage, and networking, and how Azure can become part of a hybrid cloud deployment. The latest updates straight out of the Microsoft Build conference will also be covered.

Bevan Arps


Bevan Arps… is full-time software developer working for Microsoft on Azure Batch… is a regular speaker at user groups, code camps & conferences… runs the Wellington .NET User group… watches far too many comic book movies with his kids… writes software at home for fun… and is unrepentantly a self-confessed professional geek. His blog can be read online at www.nichesoftware.co.nz.

Things Senior Developers Know

11:00AM - 11:55AM | Software Development (stream 1)

What makes someone a Senior Developer? I asked a bunch of senior developers what they thought was most important about the role – what they wished other developers (senior or not) knew. In this presentation you’ll learn what their answers were – and you’ll take away some lessons you can apply to your own career.

Bryn Lewis


With 25+ years of experience in the Information Technology industry, Bryn has worked in a wide range of business domains including mobile radio, industrial control, online gambling, online travel, and the finance industry. The rise of the Internet of Things and Bryn's background in computing and electronics led to his interest in the embedded devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Bryn volunteers at two Christchurch high schools, working with students to design and code IoT projects.

Hacking and citizen science - from the paddock to PowerBI for WTF

11:00AM - 11:55AM | Software Development (stream 2)

It started over a beer Christmas day at the farm…

Could you measure: temperature and humidity in the canopy (for blight prediction), soil temperature and moisture levels (for irrigation management)?

Would it be interesting to know: water flows in irrigation systems? Amount of electricity used to power irrigation pump?

We have some budget for sensors, so what would be a minimal viable prototype (MVP). Let the fun begin…

Martin Cairney


Martin has over 15 years’ experience in SQL Server technologies. His experience spans both the Database Engine and infrastructure requirements, and Data Warehousing and BI implementations.

He's worked across many industry sectors including London’s global financial institutions and both State and Federal Government Departments.

He is a SQL Server MVP, MCT and an experienced conference presenter, having presented at PASS Summit, SQLBits, and SQL Saturday events and User Groups round the world

Split, Merge and Eliminate - An Introduction to Partitioning

11:00AM - 11:55AM | SQL Server / Business Intelligence

In my life as a consultant, partitioning is one of the least used or even inefficiently used components of SQL Server that I have seen. Partitioning provides many potential benefits such as easier index maintenance, data loads and archiving using partition switching and improved query performance through partition elimination.

In this session we'll cover the basics of partitioning - from getting started with partition switching to partition elimination to make your queries go faster - with plenty of demos for you to take away.

Steve Knutson


Steve is a Microsoft MVP for Office Services and Services. Steve has more than 25 years IT industry experience in a wide range of roles. 6 years ago Steve along with two colleagues started the business that because Stratos Technology Partners, a specialist Software Development and SharePoint Consulting firm.

Introduction to Power Apps and Flow

11:00AM - 11:55AM | Windows, Azure & SharePoint

Have you ever wanted to build your own mobile applications? PowerApps is a solution for building web and mobile applications that integrate with a wide range of online services, including your favorites from Microsoft.

In this session Steve will introduce PowerApps and Microsoft Flow, and demo some of the capabilities for integrating with SharePoint and PowerBI.

Mahmoud Abduo


Mahmoud is a Microsoft Certified Professional with a focus on mobile technologies. Since his first “Hello, World!” program, he has been involved with various freelance projects and startups. Over the last couple of years, he has been working with Xamarin to build comprehensive solutions in the enterprise space. When not in front of a computer, Mahmoud enjoys cycling and a good cup of coffee.

Hit the ground running: what you need to get started with Xamarin

1:00PM - 1:55PM | Software Development (stream 1)

Xamarin has been attracting a lot of attention lately and for good reasons too. The idea of cross-platform solutions and sharing code has always been faced with some degree of skepticism, however, Xamarin is far from your average cross-platform framework.

The purpose of this session is to help you gain an understanding of the potential of Xamarin through a series of examples. You’ll walk away with some strategies to help you leverage Xamarin to your advantage, knowledge of some of the tools at your disposal, and an appreciation for the capabilities that Xamarin puts into your hands.

No previous experience with Xamarin is assumed. Whether you’ve been working with .NET, Java, Objective-C, Swift, or you’re just interested in seeing what Xamarin is all about, find out what you need to take the plunge.

Vishesh Oberoi and Regan Murphy

Vishesh Oberoi
Regan Murphy

IoT and Big Data

1:00PM - 1:55PM | Software Development (stream 2)

Peter George


Peter is an experienced consultant in the fields of Analytics and Business Intelligence. He has worked for specialist consultancies in NZ and the UK. He has a wide range of professional interests, from traditional Business Intelligence (Data Visualisation, Data Modelling and ETL) through to more specialist modelling techniques in fields such as Capacity Planning, Finite Resource Scheduling and Discrete Event Simulation.

Power BI for Developers

1:00PM - 1:55PM | SQL Server / Business Intelligence

Power BI is being used increasingly as an organisation-wide platform for delivering data and reports. In this session we will look at what this trend means for BI Professionals, as well as looking at some tips, tricks and best practices related to developing for Power BI in an enterprise environment.

Donald Harman


I have been working in SharePoint since 2004. Am not a developer. I strive for simple solutions. Keen to delve into the frightening world of Office 365 and SharePoint online.

Pihanga – The Journey: moving from on-premises to the cloud with a cultural flavour

1:00PM - 1:55PM | Windows, Azure & SharePoint

This is not a technical talk, but a run through of our recent upgrade from WSS 3.0 to SharePoint online. Changing the intranet to allow for buisness but also with a cultural flavour. Upcycling, Metatadata and Acronyms with actual purpose and humour. Making sense after all these years almost by accident.

Georgia Singleton

Georgia Singleton


Georgia is a year 11 Student at Villa Maria College. Georgia loves using technology to solve problems and create things. She helps run an all girls Code Club at Selwyn House School and coached an all girls Robocup team who were runners up in the 2016 Nationals.

Code Club

2:00PM - 2:30PM | Software Development (stream 1)

Learn about Code Club and some of the tech used to teach coding and robotics to young people.

Chris Campbell


Chris began his career in the early 2000’s as a mere web application developer, but his malicious tendencies soon got the better of him. He is currently a security consultant for Jade Software - a software development and managed services provider - and also moonlights as an OPSEC consultant and malware hunter. In addition to his consulting roles he also assists in organising the Christchurch ISIG chapter, is a co-founder of the Christchurch Hacker Con (CHCon) and is a highly regarded authority on coffee and donuts.

Beer, Bacon and Blue Teaming

2:00PM - 2:30PM | Software Development (stream 2)

A famous man once said that he didn’t need to attend intel briefings because “I’m, like, a smart person”… If only he had attended this talk. Join Chris as he steps through a variety of sources of intelligence - such as open API’s and feeds - and looks at how they can be consumed to better your security posture. It will be shown how this information can be both consumed and created by freely available tools to improve your ability to detect threats that overpriced appliances may not, and the threats then dissected and responded to with little effort.


Ask the experts

3:00PM - 4:00PM | Software Development (stream 1)

An open panel forum that will allow you to pick the brains of your fellow IT professionals. Got any pressing architecture or development questions? This is your chance to ask some of the best minds in the industry!

Hamish Watson


Hamish is a Systems Management Specialist with a passion for efficient application deployment using DevOps methodologies. He has 19 years IT experience in managing large scale databases on JADE & SQL Server technologies. He has been managing SQL Server since SQL Server 2000 and pragmatic architectural design is his main focus at Jade Software. Educating and helping others learn is a driver for Hamish and he is a PASS Chapter Leader, International speaker and a repeat guest lecturer at a local tertiary institute.

Demo of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and DACPACs

2:00PM - 2:30PM | SQL Server / Business Intelligence

This live DEMO will showcase how SQL Server Data Tools and Data-Tier Applications (DAC) can assist you achieve more reliable deployments of your database and application code. Utilising DAC and resultant DACPACs allow database developers to deploy consistent change to all environments in a Database LifeCycle Management (DLM) process much like application developers can in Application LifeCyle Management (ALM).

How VSTS and Azure can help optimise and automate your application deployments

3:00PM - 4:00PM | Software Development (stream 2)

Do you currently use Team Foundation Server (TFS) and are sick of continually patching the windows server and wondering how you can upgrade to the latest version of TFS?

Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) is Microsofts Azure based Continuous Integration and Continuous Dployment platform that can really make a difference in your application deployments. All the administration of infrastructure and upgrades are done for you!

Also in line with Microsofts "cloud first" policy it means that you will always get the latest and greatest features - without having to do anything.

Through use of demos that will showcase VSTS and the Azure platform you will gain an understanding how your application deployment times can be dramatically reduced and standardised.

Simon Peck and Nick Draper


Simon is MCSE in SQL Server BI and has been working with SQL Server for 20 years. He specialises in modern BI/Date warehouse architecture using SQL Server and the Azure platform. In March 2016 he become the first person in the APAC region to become a Varigence certified Biml expert (Biml Hero). He has been fortunate enough to have worked for close to 50 organisations worldwide, he is also a co-leader of the Christchurch SQL User Group.

Nick is an experienced leader in Data & Analytics.

Next generation data warehouse automation (case study)

3:00PM - 4:00PM | SQL Server / Business Intelligence

BimlFlex is an enterprise data warehouse accelerator based on Biml (Business Intelligence Markup Language).

This session will cover the business problems and why this framework was selected as well as a demonstration of BimlFlex in action.

Dorje McKinnon


Dorje McKinnon delivers digital projects. Intranets and Digital workplaces are his domain of expertise. Periodically he falls off the consultant wagon and gets his hands dirty with REST, JavaScript and other real work. If you need someone to solve human digital challenges, Dorje finds solutions.

Requirements gathering and other soft skills

3:00PM - 4:00PM | Windows, Azure & SharePoint

Programmers with soft skills are the most sought after by employers for hiring and promotion. This talk will help you get better at some soft skills. Challenge your self by coming along.